From River to Ocean, 4 bundles to fit every need (and pocket)

We are proud to announce that the 0.1 beta version of Unyco is live.
After 8 month of development, we have finally completed the development of the new version of WCS, one of the leading customer service platform on the market.
Unyco hits the market in a very peculiar time. Customers worldwide ask to online stores and services more flexibility, better quality and a wider range of communication channels. Unyco is the only software able to fulfill those new requirements.
With its state-of-the-art software engine, Unyco allows our customers to deliver a faster, smarter and more scalable service than any other competitors.
Unyco is now ready to be used by a narrow group of companies. If you want to apply for a test drive just drop us a line and tell us what kind of business are you running and why are you interested in try our new platform. We will get back to you as soon as you imagine.
Welcome to Unyco’s new world!
The Unyco’s Team