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The good news? You can have it now. For free. Forever. Unyco will increase your business from day 1 even if you have just 1 operator. Nevertheless, you can deploy the same platform in a Fortune 500 company. In this case, we suggest contacting us directly. Click on the button below and we will get back to you in a snap, ready to study with you, side by side, the best way to fine tune your web contact center.
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Personal shopper goes online with Unyco!

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Unyco Web Contact Center software

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Unyco web call center platform

Unyco: the best software for chat, audio and video contact center

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Omnichannel customer engagement to improve your business

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Who you feel you are?

Unyco web contact center

Lonely Eagle?

You work alone, maybe with some partners. Not a lot of traffic, but much energy and dynamism. You want to impress with a shining and a powerful way to interact with your visitors.
Unyco web contact center

Ready to fly?

Your business is real, growing, vibrant. And your customers and users need all the attention they deserve. A prompt feedback is not enough for them. Your customer service is waiting for something new.
Unyco web contact center

Big Boy?

You don’t really care about the mass. You’re already on top. A huge, fully operationally machine, that work seamlessly as a Mozart overture. Unyco is the right choice to increase your efficiency.

Chat, VideoChat and collaboration tools

  • Omnichannel Digital Engagement Platform. Reloaded

    A new concept

    Unyco is a revolutionary Customer Engagement Platform, which has everything to make your customers wow.

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    The bundles

    All features in every bundle, to your sales, boost your customer’s satisfaction and make your life… just simpler.

Unparalleled flexibility to scale up with ease.

  • Why Unyco is better?

    Price model

    Unyco has a revolutionary pricing model that allows you to grow at your own pace, with plenty of optional add-ons.

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    More concurrent sessions? White label? More power? Build your Unyco, on-demand with just a click of your mouse.

An enterprise-class engine, now ready for your pocket!

  • Need more? Get ready to upgrade to a Ferrari

    More power

    A powerful Enterprise-class platform, entirely rebuilt to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

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    Unyco+ Ready

    When the time comes, Unyco can easily take you a step forward, turning itself into the tough Unyco+ environment.

Engage your customer in a brand new way..

Digital Engagement and Customer Service 

Technology moves fast. So does user’s need. Unyco has been crafted around your customer’s expectations, to give them everything they need to easily communicate with you.

At the same time, Unyco is the only Customer Engagement Platform that give you the capability to set up a virtual access to your staff (Contact Center, Branches, Agency, …)

What is Unyco web contact center tool

Provide the best possible experience, designing your service around Customer’s expectations


The coolest chat around


Affordable hyper performances


All “your company” can eat

Chat Up to 5 per agent Up to 2 per agent 1 chat per agent
Audio/Video Unlimited 100 mins/month per Agent 50 mins/month per Agent
Proactive Engagement Up to 3 Rules Up to 1 Rules No
Light Collaboration Yes Yes No
 Embedded TroubleTicketing Yes Yes No
Qualitative Reporting Yes Yes No
Email Yes Yes No
Basic Settings Yes Yes No
Advance Settings Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Yes Yes Yes
Mobile SDK Yes Yes Yes
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
 Multidomain Up to 3 domains Up to 2 domains Single Domain
 White Label Yes Yes no
 WordPress Plugin Yes Yes Yes
 Support Service Yes Yes Email
 Service Set Up  Quoted Separately  Quoted Separately No
 Customizzation Services   Quoted Separately  Quoted Separately No
 Expert Advisor  By Request  By Request No

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Unyco+: right choice for big organizations

Unyco is the best standard Customer Engagement Platform on the market. Nevertheless, we can also create a unique Unyco, tailor made for your company. If you are interested in this option, check out Unyco+

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Unyco is ready to get right into your IT

Unyco have a solid and comprehensive set of SDK that make it simple and straightforward to integrate with your legacy infrastructure. Furthermore, is already set to work smoothly with those platforms:

Unyco plugin WordPress web contact center

Unyco compatibility Cisco